Halton Lune Trust distributes £3,365 in Grants

Halton Lune Trust is a charitable organisation which distributes the profits made from the Halton Lune Hydro, with special emphasis on activities that encourage the social involvement of all individuals and voluntary groups within the community.
Following the first round of applications (March 2016) the Trust are pleased to
announce that a total of £3,365.00 has been awarded:-
● £365 to HCA to set up a walking netball and football and Youth football encouraging more involvement in community activities.
● £500 to Halton Gardening Club to buy and care for a large planter near the shops on High Road enhancing this area.
● £500 to St. Wilfrid’s School to continue to develop the school allotment area, providing wider opportunities for community involvement.
● £500 to The Green Elephant Coop which manage Halton Mill to support music activities at Halton Mill to encourage social involvement.
● £1,500 to Aughton Recreation Room to create a community play area in Aughton.
We are encouraging applications for the next round, which closes on 30th September
2016, for projects which improve local recreational facilities, conservation, energy efficiency and heritage.
Contact haltonlunetrust@gmail.com for an application form.
The Trust is also seeking a new Trustee which would involve 2-3 meetings per annum to evaluate and award grant applications.
Contact haltonlunetrust@gmail.com for an application form

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